Tuesday, November 9, 2010

week 5 ,6,7

Due to lack of internet, there is no blog. freshly installed I have now got satalit broadband...its fantastic. apologies to all.

Week 5 is straight forward and quite easy, just make sure you sqaure all your blocks up before you sew them together in a row, and cut off any tails that you have.

Week 6 Houses....now these are fun. take your time with these and just work through slowly, and it will come together, join the houses together in a row, if you can see trees on the original photo then its because jan, whos quilt it is, made her houses a bit too small, so she added trees to lenthen the rows. we will be covering these techniques in week 9.

Week 7 , seminole.
I suppose this looks like its quite hard to do, but in fact once you get going its so much fun and really easy.

Week 8 ,
This is more time consuming than anything. choose one colour to run through to keep it together, but change the colours around to add interest.

Week 9... I will be adding pictures later on in the week as the server wont let me upload today......sometimes happens, I will put pictures up of how to add the prairie points and other  items relating to the row lengths.
Happy sewing...send me some photios and i will add them.