Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 7...

Foundation piecing Foundation block piecing consists of sewing pieces of fabric on to a paper or a muslin foundation to form a quilt block.  Foundation piecing can be used for creating full sized quilt blocks as well. Using the foundation piecing technique to piece blocks allows a quilter to construct complicated patterns easily and accurately .
Make sure to allow plenty of fabric for each piece.
I have added a link to a good page I found.

Here is a picture of what your block should look like......

Week 6

This week is some what slower, but the results will be great. Paper piecing is so acurate.
Just make sure your corners are sharp, when folding the fabric over the papers.
Dont forget to make two blocks, but change the colours of the 2nd one.
Karens blocks so far, great colour scheme. Keep up the good work. Can I have some more pictures please....get those cameras out

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Week 5

This is a nice easy one this week, and perfect for using up any strips you have left over.
Here I have used a light background, with contrasting fabrics. Play around and perhaps try a dark background. You could make the star from just two colours to make it work.
Make two blocks from this pattern.
You will have quite a few blocks now, lay them out around the centre point, as in the final picture. This will help you choose the colours for the final block.
Dont forget to send in photos, so we can all see what you are doing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 4

This week is great fun, you can get great effects mixing colours. Again make two blocks and experiment with the combinations. Before you start the stitching, make a practise piece and try until you get the correct stitch length. Here is a picture of what the stitching should look like if you decide to use the machine . If you want you can do the stitching by hand, useing a  blanket stitch.
Thank you very much Marie for sending a picture of your work so far. I think the country colours will be lovely. The two blocks of the same design, look so different because of the colour placement. The orange background compliments the colours, maybe you should use a simular colour for your sashing.