Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 2

Make up the log cabin blocks as in the instructions,
Take care to place the fabrics in the correct order so you have the colour you wish in the centre.

The instructions say trim the finished block to 5 inches. Your blocks depending on the seam allowance might be much bigger than this, I suggest if this is the case then round the block down to the nearest 1/4 of an inch. For example if your block measures 5 5/8th then trim it down to 5 1/2.
All your rows will need to measure the same, before you sew them together. We will address the row lengths toward the end of the class, to achieve this.

Have fun and experiment with colours....again if you are using scraps you can use a different colour for each log.

Week 1

The first couple of weeks are fairly easy.
The checkerboard row: this can be done by stitching two long strips together and cross cutting into sections. you then turn the section to make a 4 patch block. you then sew the blocks together to form the row, with one extra section added at the end, This method is the easiest , when you put the sections together the seams will slide into one another, giving you neat and tidy points.
If you are using scraps and want to use all different fabrics, you can cut up lots of sqaures at 2 1/2 inches and piece them all togeher to make the row.
A tip to try out ideas, use a sheet of sqaured paper, and using one sqaure on the paper to represent one sqaure on the row, use coloured pencils to colour in the sqaures. this will give you an idea of what your row will look like.
Good Luck and have fun.

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